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I Could Relate

The 2nd episode of Prep made Real Kid of NYC Ally Zarin a little uncomfortable. Find out why!

By Ally Zarin


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How cool was my mom and my cameo on Kathy’s show? We were very excited about that. This week’s episode of NYC Prep made me feel very uncomfortable the entire time; I loved one girl then hated her, had a major crush on one guy then hated him….now I feel like I’m in Switzerland.

I think Jessie and PC will always have something for each other, but they need to (or PC needs to) concentrate on himself for a little before jumping into another relationship too soon. PC was very brave for going on national television with his therapist. Just about every teenager in the city has seen one, very few admit it though.

I really like Sebastian and Taylor together, they actually have insightful things to talk about, or it seems.

The Upper East Side can be a bubble, it is up to us when we want to pop it, and to what extent. I have always been out of the bubble, by choice of course. Most of my friends are in their 20s and I couldn’t imagine it being differently. I guess it’s my way of still being in the UES, but an older more mature version of it.

I am not a big fan of Intermix (the store Kelli, Camille, and Taylor went to), everything is very overpriced, and I have been subjected to many shopping trips there with the push of my friends. So, I could relate to Taylor feeling uncomfortable. Also, what did Camille expect by asking her those questions? It was a lose-lose situation; Taylor would either say that nothing happened between her and Sebastian and they would have nothing to talk about, or she did kiss him and they still would have nothing to talk about. And what Sebastian and Taylor did was no one’s business…until the show aired I guess. Haha.

I really like how Jessie has stuck to her guns the entire time, and doesn’t let other people push her around. Whether she was wrong or right about the situation (I am listening to MJ’s Beat It in the office) at least she says what she thinks. And I LOVE Zoe’s apartment, Uber jealous (please invite me over) haha.

Please check out for pics from July 4th weekend coming up. So excited!

Xoxo Ally

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