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Real NYC Action

The Real Kid of NY breaks down the first episode of 'Prep,' and talks about her own high school experience.


Hey guys! This is my FIRST blog on, but I do have some experience from my mom’s past ones. If you like this one please comment and tell me so! So, the first episode of NYC Prep… P.S: I do know all of these kids and I must say that they are all really nice and fun. If you guys are reading this, my advice is BE REAL and true to who you are. Don’t let this show get to your head or bring you down. You are who you are and that will show eventually. If you are not “real” then it will just hurt you in the end.

On my high school experience: Well I am about to be a senior (my mom is still in shock) and I have had a unique high school experience. Most of my friends are a lot older or were seniors, so I wont be seeing too much of them anymore. I do go out a lot but mostly to adult parties and always supporting my friends. That's why I love Jessie so much on the show; I only go to parties to either support my friends, family, or make connections for my career in the fashion and art industry. And, that's exactly why she was at a party in the first episode. I am an aspiring photographer, go on for my pictures, and anytime there is an exhibit or a party, I always go to meet fun and interesting people with similar interests. By the way, I am raising money for Teens Turning Green to raise advocacy for teens helping out our environment. So it would mean so much if you could donate HERE. Or buy this AWESOME necklace and 30% of proceeds will go to TTG.

Living in NYC certainly HELPS with making connections. BUT, that does not mean you are hopeless if you don't!! Everyone has equal opportunity, it's what you make of what you are given that gives you an advantage or disadvantage. I know plenty of people that live in NYC that have no idea what they will do with their lives. Jessie, PC and myself, however, have taken advantage of our surroundings and have used our accessibility and opportunity to our advantage.

This show is a depiction of these teens lives in NYC. I believe that they will agree with me in saying it represents only them, not all NYC prep school kids. Now, is this a good depiction? I don't think it's the best. Showing that all we do is drink, go to clubs, shop, and gossip are not what gets you into college. We have worked our butts off our entire lives and what we do on the weekends is what we feel we have worked for during the year. Also, to say connections get you into college are not the case. Legacy helps, which is not just in NYC, but what it comes down to is who the student is and whats on their transcript. No amount of money can change that.

Everyone feels extreme pressure when applying to colleges, like Camille. And every dermatologist on the Upper East Side will agree :). This summer I am interning from 10 a.m-7 p.m. four days a week, and the second I get home I am writing my applications, studying for my SATs and writing my college essay. So yes, the pressure is on, but I think every junior feels it (not just in NYC.)

I am lucky that I go to a small private school and that, for the most part, we are applying to different schools. I have one school in mind that I will probably be applying early admission to, so the pressure will be off if I get in. But, many of my friends feel extreme pressure and competition. I am so luck that I have a great support system behind me.

So, lets get to analyzing!

P.C- I think the show makes him seem much more obnoxious and selfish than he really is. And I think that especially with him, his true colors will show throughout the season.

Jessie - She did seem a little bitchy in the first episode, BUT she was right. She needed to be at that party for connections, not to make friends with younger kids.

Kelli - Not sure what to make of her. I do go to school with her and I did help get her on the show, and I have to say she is really sweet, not sure if that side showed in this episode.

Taylor- I love how Taylor is TRUE to herself and is completely honest. It takes a lot of guts to do that. I have much respect for her

Camille- She is also very real….Sadly we did not get to see her SAT scores, but I guess we have an idea. Not too smart to say you’re getting into Harvard before you apply, but let's watch what happens.

Excited for next Tuesday….and some REAL NYC action.

Xoxoxo Ally

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