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S1 - E5

The Overachievers

It's all about the future – everyone is thinking about college and what's next. Kelli jumpstarts her singing career and meets with a top voice coach in the city. Taylor is spreading herself thin, trying to balance her love life with her grades and numerous dance classes. Jessie sends out her resume to fashion designers and works on the benefit for Operation Smile. With hopes of getting into Harvard, Camille wants to get involved with Jessie's charity, but when she insults Jessie that dream quickly goes flying. While everyone else is busy with school and extracurriculars, PC is bored by his fabulous life. After going to therapy, PC decides that he needs to do something productive and lands a photography internship. What starts as a regular photo shoot turns into an outrageous adventure with PC in front of the camera and out of his shirt.

Aired: 07/21/2009