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We Put Facial Cupping to the Test―And the Results May Surprise You

“It’s very relaxing, and it feels like you’re getting a hickey.”

By Chantel Morel

For the past few years an ancient Chinese practice known as cupping therapy has been popping up in our newsfeeds left and right thanks to celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Phelps, and Jennifer Aniston. Typically, this method is performed on people’s backs, but lately people have found that this technique works great as a facial anti-aging treatment as well.

Now, before you run off in a panic, facial cupping won’t leave those scary looking bruises all over your face. In fact, this version of the treatment is much more gentle, and those looking to maintain their youthful complexion can’t get enough of it.

In this week’s installment of Treat Yourself, Odd Mom Out’s KK Glick visits celeb-loved facialist Shellie Goldstein, in the Upper East Side to try this luxe treatment. Through this treatment, KK hopes to bring some tightness back into her face. “I get a lot of puffiness. I feel like gravity is just an asshole that’s bringing me down,” KK says.

After reassuring KK that she will not be leaving hickeys all over her face, Shellie gets down to the cupping fun. Shellie begins the treatment on only one side of KK’s face, so she can really see what the hype is about. She uses a finger-sized glass beaker with a round rubber end and suctions KK’s skin in a downward motion toward the clavicle. This allows her to drain the lymph, a fluid that causes puffiness, and also helps to stimulate collagen and elastin.

Surprisingly, KK finds the experience to be quite pleasant. “It’s very relaxing, and it feels like you’re getting a hickey,” she says. Best of all, the treatment didn’t leave any marks on KK’s face, but it’s safe to say she came out of there feeling like a million bucks. “My wrinkles are smooth, my skin is tighter, and brighter. I’m looking like a Botticelli over here,” she said.

The treatment costs $150, which is definitely a lot more affordable than the $1000 haircut KK received in last week’s episode. And judging by these results it certainly seems worth a try. You can catch KK’s full cupping experience above.

For more of KK, tune into Odd Mom Out every Wednesday at 10/9c.

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