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S1 - E2

Ep 2: Vons Have More Fun

Candace, Brooke, and Lex announce to Jill and Andy that after doing some research in Austria, they find they are descendants of a Prussian duke named Von Weber and have decided to restore the “Von” to their name. They ask Jill and Andy to join them and do the same. Jill and Andy both think it’s pretentious, but Andy asks Jill to consider it because he wants to please his family. Meanwhile, Vanessa (Jill’s BF) starts dating a guy who is an orphan, which Jill thinks is fantastic (no in-laws to deal with!). Brooke and Candace invite Jill to a spa day to show her the kind of perks come with the Von name. Jill has a life-changing facial and decides to go with Von Weber, but comes to her senses once Brooke and Candace start pushing pastel dresses and highlights. She’s not changing anything. Jill grabs her kids kindergarten applications and races to get them delivered on time (by any means necessary: skateboard, scooter, jazzy)…we end on a nighttime phone call between Jill and Vanessa, Jill in bed with her 4-year-old, comforting him from his nightmare, and Vanessa doing the same with her orphan, who she realizes has abandonment issues. 

Aired: 06/08/2015