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S1 - E4

Ep 4: Omakase

Jill is surprised when she meets a cool mom at a birthday party with whom she thinks she might actually be able to form a friendship. Jill sets up a double date for them and their husbands at the hottest new Japanese restaurant in town, but is horrified when they run into Brooke, Lex, and their friends who insist they join them. Not a fan of large group diners, Jill finds herself stuck in her worst nightmare as Brooke forces the table to try the special eleven-course chef’s choice tasting menu with dishes including one long noodle, a leaf with salt, and an empty egg shell. Meanwhile, Vanessa babysits Jill’s kids and unintentionally reveals a little too much about some harsh realities of the real world.

Aired: 06/22/2015