Cynthia Barker

Growing up on Vancouver Island, Cynthia Barker was encouraged to be active and curious about the world from a young age. Ever since she can remember, she has been involved in mountain sports from skiing on Mount Washington to biking around her neighborhood to chasing waterfalls. Cynthia completed a B.A. in cultural anthropology and also received a diploma in marketing with a PR focus, which has led to her to a variety of jobs including working as an events manager, a flight attendant, and a photographer. Cynthia is always looking for her next big adventure and most recently lived in Brazil to volunteer with the 2016 Rio Olympics where she spent her days indulging in caipirinhas and acai, while also taking up kiteboarding and beach tennis. She does her best to make meaningful connections with those she meets through her blunt honesty, vulnerability, and charisma. Currently living in Whistler, when Cynthia’s not busy entertaining clients as a VIP Mountain Host at Gibbons, she enjoys taking photographs, writing, and producing.