Danyele McPherson

Danyele serves as Sous Chef at one of the oldest, most well-respected restaurants in Dallas, The Grape, under Brian C. Luscher. here, Danyele and Luscher focus on bistro fare with a strong specialization in charcuterie. While she may be a relative newbie, Danyele went from intern to Sous Chef in just two years under mentor Stephan Pyles at his namesake restaurant, outlasting four executive chefs and leading the culinary force behind Fuego, a 10-course tasting menu that uses scientific techniques applied to cooking. She has also traveled with Pyles to multiple Food & Wine festivals, executing their dishes. Very humble about her food and always trying to learn more, Danyele has a raw talent that enables her the opportunity to shine. Her current menus reflect her interest of fresh, seasonal, local fare, and highlight her interest in making simple flavors and classic dishes new and exciting.