Gina Neely

Gina Neely, 52, is a celebrity chef who spent 25 years in a challenging marriage trying to balance motherhood, career, and fame. She’s been out of the dating game for two decades, but after a very public divorce, this Southern belle is ready to take a leap of faith on love. 

Gina is known for her famous Food Network show, Down Home with the Neelys. Extremely successful, she has written three cookbooks, Down Home with the Neelys, which earned her a place on the New York Times Bestseller List; The Neelys Celebration Cookbook (Knopf 2011); and Back Home with the Neelys (Knopf). In 2011, she opened the Neelys' Barbecue Parlor, which brought her Southern style and flavor to New York City. 2013 added yet another accomplishment with the launch of a branded line of cookware on QVC. As a public speaker, Gina has entertained audiences globally, not only showcasing her cooking skills, but also sharing her perspectives on life, love, the personal and professional issues facing women.

Gina is a motivational speaker, philanthropist, and mom, and her keys to success are her love for her family, food, and the enjoyment of life. She currently resides in Atlanta and has two daughters.