Jack Royds

Occupation: Skipper

A descendant of lords and ladies, Jack Royds also known as Captain Jack comes from an old and prestigious British family, but from an early age he decided that titles and wealth would never make him as happy as a life at sea. Several years ago he enlisted in skipper school where he met and became fast friends with Max Craddock, and he’s been a full-time captain ever since. Captain Jack may be the youngest member of the group, but as skipper of the ship he takes his duties extremely seriously despite the non-stop party atmosphere. His strong personality and domineering nature don’t always go over well with his crew and he’s about to face some of the most stubborn and hard-nosed passengers he’s ever skippered for. Captain Jack is about to navigate wild waters with a wild crew so he needs to be a strong leader, but if he pushes this group of alphas too far he could create a mutiny.