Josie Smith-Malave

Chef Josie is a classically trained bohemian chef, global adventurist, TV and radio personality, entrepreneur, former women’s pro football player, social activist and lifestyle ambassador.  She spent a decade rockin’ the New York City food scene, working under renowned chefs Wylie Dufresne, Jean-Georges Vongrichten, Caroline Fidanza, and Walter Hinds, to name a few. Chef Josie is also a culinary adventurer who has traveled the globe piercing the veins of each place she visits, trading stories, drinking the water, seeking the sounds, tasting the culture, admitting each new place transforms her. Chef Josie connects with people through her genuine smile, good food, and infectious laugh. She continues to connect with people through her genuine smile, good food and infectious laugh. The very busy Chef Josie is currently working on a music-driven cooking show, The Rock and Roll Cooking Show®; a baked potato takeout concept, Global Soul To Go ™; and a popsicle and ice cream company, Pop Queens®.  Currently, Chef Josie can be found in San Francisco at Thee Parkside with her pop up Global Soul Corner™.