Liza De Guia

Liza De Guia is a James Beard award-winning food documentarian, who loves food as much as she loves telling a compelling story. As the creator of the multi-platform social media entity known as "Food. Curated." Liza has married her two passions to create a home for the truly interesting and offbeat cuisine America has to offer. Liza's primary focus is in creating documentary shorts about the people, their dedication and the magic behind great, out-of-the-box culinary happenings from around the country. Liza is masterful at building a narrative through her inspirational and character-focused stories.

Not only does Liza document the processes and people she's working with, but she also becomes an integral part of the story when she rolls up her sleeves and dives into her current assignment. Liza covers all walks of food life from people using Rhino poop as a fertilizer for fresh vegetables, to a world famous chef whose life mission is to master the art of creating bread and butter. Once the footage has been shot and the interviews have been completed she distills her experience down to the best bits and gives it to the world through "Food. Curated."

Having gained internet traction in leaps and bounds over the years, Liza and "Food. Curated." posts can be
found all over the websites of some of the heavy hitters in the online news and culture world. In 2011 Liza's documentarian talents were tapped when she became the on-air food reporter for NY1 (NYC's 24 hour news channel). Liza also recently served as Executive Producer a new food storytelling series for HLN "Chef Lab." Which will launch online in Spring 2016 with on-air presence as well.

Liza has also been featured in The NY Times, Huffington Post, Village Voice and NY magazine's websites have regularly feature articles and videos posted by Liza. Earlier in 2014, Liza spoke on the Tedx stage in Brooklyn about her documentary series and love of food and a show based off of "Food. Curated." currently, is syndicated on NYCTV.

Being in all of these hot beds of information has garnered some attention, as well. Liza has won Webby
Award Recognition, a Village Voice Award, Filmmaker of the Year at the 2012 New York Food Film
Festival, was named Saveur's Best Food Blog in 2015 and has been nominated for five James Beard
Awards and won in 2015.

Liza began her lifelong love of food shortly after her parents migrated to America from the Philippines in
the 1970s. Once they arrived in America, her parents had no idea how to cook even the most basic meals
and would constantly struggle to make something worth eating. Luckily, a family friend, who happened to
be a famous Swiss chef, moved in with them for a summer and taught her father the true basics of cooking.
From then on out, her father was a tornado in the kitchen and enlisted his children to be his little sous chefs.

Liza doesn't own a restaurant and she isn't a classically trained chef, she is the layman who loves food so
much that she has to go out and find the experience that no one else can. She is the fan who wants to let
cities and towns across America know how great their food communities are. She is the true documentarian
who works behind the lens to make sure these purveyors of unique food get the credit they deserve.