Max Craddock

On-Land Occupation: Law School Grad

Max is a recent graduate of USC law school, but his Alabaman drawl and laid-back attitude make him appear more like a surfer than a future lawyer. Max hails from a wealthy family and has taken advantage of his trust fund perks – he’s had the luxury of traveling the world without committing to any one job or person. He recently learned that he failed his first attempt at the Bar exam, throwing a wrench in his plans of giving up his gypsy lifestyle for a steady job and a more settled lifestyle as Max Craddock Esquire. Max is bringing his competitive older brother, Quenton on the trip in an effort to grow closer, but Quenton’s need to outshine his baby brother may sabotage Max’s hopes of restoring a sense of family. Max also has to navigate the stormy sea that is his on-again-off-again relationship with Vanessa. Last time they saw each other they swore they would not hook up, and would be cordial but if history is any indicator both promises are likely to be broken.