Michael LeSure Headshot

Michael LeSure

After years of working in finance, Flipping Exes is a dream come true for Michael. Not only can he put his savviness with numbers and budgets to good use, but he can do it on his own schedule. Michael makes sure to make time for Michael. It’s no wonder he needs to unwind, since the Flipping Exes are always juggling multiple properties that require a lot of his attention. Not only does he scout each house to make sure it’s sound structurally and as an investment, he also plans and oversees all of the construction and renovation projects. He knows what the formula is for turning a huge profit, and a key to it is managing Nina. Her quest to make every house stand out is a big part of their success, but her champagne taste can also bust their budgets. It’s up to Michael to make sure his extravagant ex sticks to the plan no matter what.