Michael Patlazhan

Until four years ago, Michael was not a chef and hardly a cook; he was a culinary admirer and an eater. He was in a comfortable finance job but felt he was missing out on his true passion, until one day he picked up a knife and a pan and hasn’t dropped them since. Michael continued to work full time in accounting while studying at the French Culinary Institute on the side. After graduation, he became a line cook at Park Avenue Winter where he worked in a high-pressure, fast paced environment. Michael spent his off hours perfecting his skills and experimenting with modern cooking techniques, eventually leading him to begin his own catering company. He loves having the ability to be creative and to design his own menus that deliver a unique experience to clients. Michael’s goal is to bring a high-end restaurant into the kitchen of all his customers while creating flavorful and beautiful-looking dishes. One day, he hopes to establish a boutique restaurant that lets him share his love of food with others in a supper club-like atmosphere.