Nikita Williams

Nikita Williams was raised on Vancouver Island, where she grew up in a home of nine siblings under the care of two extraordinary foster parents. Nikita’s French Canadian family always came together at dinnertime at the ring of the dinner bell to share a meal, which ignited her passion for cooking at a young age. She landed her first job in the kitchen at a Mexican restaurant when she was just 15 years old, and later went on to attend culinary school. The most influential job she has held in her career was spent at a catering company in Victoria for four years through which she developed her personal cooking style. When she is not hard at work in the kitchen, she loves to travel the world and incorporate many of the unique flavors that she has discovered along the way into her cooking. Nikita’s idea of kicking back is having a glass of Chianti and dancing the night away with friends to modern renditions of Biggie Smalls.