Quinn Fry

Quinn is living the California dream, but not without working hard for it. Her career as an internet marketing manager and managing editor of an Orange County entertainment website keeps her in the loop on everything that's happening in and around the OC. Quinn is a women-about-town and can be found attending everything from large charity gala events, to local OC hot spots and restaurant openings. On top of all that, she also uses her creative abilities to do interior decorating jobs on the side. Having been divorced for close to 14 years, she has been the head of the household for her two children, Shannon and Colin. Shannon is from her first marriage to her high school sweetheart and she is now grown up and married herself and currently lives in northern California. Colin, her 17-year-old son from her second marriage attends school at San Clemente High. She lives with her son in a beautiful 4-bedroom home in the beachside community of San Clemente. However, her real estate interests also extend to 4 homes in Capistrano Beach. Driven to succeed, but also vibrant and fun loving, Quinn is navigating the world of dating-Orange County style. Never admitting she is over 30, Quinn has a weakness for younger men, which keeps her attitude young and vibrant while also keeping her on her toes