Vanessa Cavanaugh

On-Land Occupation: Hairdresser

Beautiful, funny and sassy, Vanessa Cavanaugh is the type of woman you only cross once. She has a big heart that she wears on her sleeve, ensuring no one is ever in the dark about her true feelings. Vanessa makes her living as a high-end hairstylist, a job that pays well and affords her the flexibility to travel as much as possible. Vanessa moved to San Francisco from Miami on a whim, but after just a year she woke up one day and decided she’d had enough of California, and moved to Naples a few days later. Vanessa and Max have a famously tumultuous relationship – when it’s good, it’s glorious, but when it’s bad, it’s apocalyptic. Her jealousy has gotten the best of her in the past and she has been known to make Max jealous by parading around with their mutual friends – many of whom will be on the trip. The Bahamas trip was planned back when Vanessa and Max were at their strongest and now she has no idea how she’s going to handle being on a boat with Max for three weeks. Will it end in romance or in tears?