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Dax Shepard’s Initial Reservation About Kristen Bell Is Honestly One Reason We Love Her

The Parenthood actor is nothing if not honest — but this story about Kristen Bell, of course, has a very sweet ending.

By Jenny Berg

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard seem like the perfect couple. But if you're in a relationship that doesn't have a fairytale arc, rest assured! Neither does their love story. After all, there was that time they broke up, briefly, before they got married. And, as we now know, Shepard wasn't always sure that Bell was the one. No when you know, you know cliches here! 

While being interviewed on Off Camera With Sam Jones, Shepard told Jones that he had doubts about sticking with Bell early on in their relationship. "I have this very weird mix of not thinking I’m good-looking, general low self esteem, chip on my shoulder that I’m dumb because I was dyslexic, all these things, yet unbridled arrogance in relationships," he admitted. 

He added, "I never, ever was like, ‘Oh, I hope I can keep Kristen.' I was going, ‘Do I want to be with a Christian, who has eight people living in her house for free, who has to get out of a car when there’s a dog who doesn’t have a leash and ruin her whole day to rescue this dog? That’s great, and she’s good, but that’s not what I want to do. I’m not that good. I don’t want to spend my day finding the owner of a dog. So I wasn’t fearful I would lose her. I wasn’t certain I wanted to be with someone like that." 

C'mon, Dax — who wants someone who can heartlessly pass by a lost pup?! (Not us.)

But over time, the Parenthood actor found that he actually admired the way Bell lives her life — and her truly Good Place-worthy behavior began to rub off on him. He shared with Jones: "I just slowly over time watched what fruit she bore over the way she moved through life. I looked at the results of how she lived, and they’re pretty undeniable... It’s just a better life and I wanted that, so I chose to move more in her direction. She didn’t ask me to. I wanted what she had, and I replicated it."

And speaking of replication: "She’s the first person I dated where I made a real conscious decision that I wasn’t going to try to make her into the person I wanted to date. I know what happens when I try to make them the person I want to date. I don’t end up liking that person. So I didn’t do that, and lo and behold, she has come the same exact distance toward me that I’ve come toward her," he said. 

Say it with us, now: Aww

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