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Here Are Kris Jenner’s Favorite Grandkids: A Ranked List

How does “Lovey” rank her little loves?

By Morgan Ashley Parker
Why We Love Kris Jenner

Ohh, Kris Jenner. Without her, where would the aspiring momagersparty planners and "glammas" of the world look for inspiration? 

All joking aside, the matriarch recently copped to having an “amazing connection” with one of her grandchildren and, much like we did with her favorite child, we couldn't continue the day without figuring out the rankings of her nine grandkids. It wasn’t an easy job — but somebody had to do it. 

Once again, zero disrespect meant from this because we are sure Kris loves all her babies and grand babies equally — she even hosts them all on the regular. Khloe recently shared on her app (via ET), "Having all of the cousins together is SUCH a blessing and a dream! We have baby class once a week together with all of the kids and it's incredible! ... Seeing their strong little personalities bond with each other is the best thing to witness. I can't wait to watch it continue!"

Still, without further ado, here's what we came up with for the nine grandchildren.

1. Mason

Not only did Kris recently mention this kid first when asked by Us Weekly which grandchild was most attached to her, but she also said she has an “amazing connection” with Mason. (Sure, she didn't technically answer the question saying, “it changes all the time,” but we think Mason was implied to be in the current no.1 spot.) And the fact that he's also the oldest means he's been on the planet the longest so Kris has had the most possible time to bond with him, too. 

2. North

OK, here's where our bias comes in but North is such a ham for the camera that we can't imagine she doesn't do the same thing at home with her family (and in a Fendi photoshoot) ... especially when Grandma (aka "Lovey") is around. What's more, Kris has also admitted that “North is a force to be reckoned with... She is amazing.” Kim was thought to be the favorite daughter by many people for a long time, so it only makes sense that Kim's oldest girl (and Kris's "greatest blessing") would work her way into the no.2 place.

3. Reign

We're gonna say Reign is in third, but recently made it up there  — after Kris said “on vacation, I think I was attached to Reign,” about the recent trip to Europe she joined Kourtney on. Chances are, her oldest daughter's baby boy is coming into his own charm to make the most moves ... but if he doesn't keep it up, the rest of the crew is barreling up behind. 

4. True

The arrival of the newest little one to join the family wasn't marred by the alleged cheating by her dad, Tristan Thompson. Right after True's birth, Kris had heaps of praise for mama Khloe on an appearance on Ellen — and praise for the lil one, too, saying, "That baby is so cute, little True.” (Plus the baby had the most OTT shower of all Kardashian-Jenner mamas.)

5. Penelope

Kris also shared that she’s “close to all the girls because we do a lot of fun, girly stuff.” And, Penelope and North being BFFs only helps Kourtney's only girl in the ranking. Plus, P most recently got three shout-outs for her July birthday (two on Twitter and one on Instagram) with Kris' sixth birthday note saying "P you have brought such love and joy into our world and i love every single second of watching you grow up!!!!!" We couldn't find that many separate notes for any of the other kiddos.

6. Stormi

Kris has said "the babies are just starting to get animated so that’s cute," including six-month-old Stormi. Kris's once-wild baby girl is about to be a billionaire ... but she seems to enjoy a more private life than the rest of her sisters. Since mama Kylie kept her pregnancy (and often her baby) under wraps, we'll say there's plenty of room to grow in Kris' heart (err, we mean the public eye), too.

7. Chicago

When there are three babies born within such a short period of time (in January, February and April, respectively), it leaves plenty of baby showers and welcome cakes, and we're sure still plenty of love to go around. However, both Stormi and True were the first grandchildren from that respective daughter, so did Chicago (as Kim's third child) get lost in the shuffle? She's still a little early for "fun" trying out makeup with Lovey anyway.

8. Saint

Now Saint's a boy (so again immune to the "girly stuff" Kris refers to), and he must somewhat be in the shadow of his outgoing big sis, right? He's so cute (and strong), especially with his baby man bun, and we have high hopes for him as he gets older. 

9. Dream

When there's well publicized tension (and a lawsuit) involving the baby's mother and Kris's only son, it has to have an impact on the relationship with the little one. It's hard to say that little Dream falls last on the list, but she's certainly not as discussed as the other recent babies (nor is Rob tbh). But baby Dream does still come to “baby class” with the rest of the gang, so she's not totally forgotten.

Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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