Wait, Prince William and Duchess Kate Did Have Concerns About Meghan Markle After All

Wait, Prince William and Duchess Kate Did Have Concerns About Meghan Markle After All

British royal correspondents spilled all about the couples in a new documentary, William & Harry: Princes at War.

By Tamara Palmer

A controversial new documentary that aired on Channel 5 in England claims that Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate, cautioned his brother, Prince Harry, not to move too fast with Meghan Markle when they first dated, causing a brotherly rift. The documentary is provocatively titled William & Harry: Princes at War and features commentary from writers who cover royals for publications like The Sun and Majesty.

“The biggest cause of their so-called rift was Wills tried to warn Harry when he met Meghan not to rush into it. He’d only known her for less than a year when they got engaged,” Carole Malone of Sky News said in the documentary. “He sat him down and just told him to take it a bit slow, not to run at it.”

Harry supposedly “went ballistic and said, ‘You’re trying to wreck this relationship before it’s even started,’” alleged Emily Andrews of The Sun.

But lots of siblings have this type of exchange early on in a new relationship, and if the two princes did spar over Markle, signs are that they are good now. The brothers got some space when Prince Harry and Markle moved to Frogmore Cottage last spring, and that seemed to be a breakthrough for them.

“Working together on the household division brought them together,” an anonymous source told Us Weekly. “William was very supportive of Harry’s wants and needs for the new Sussex office and helped [Harry and Meghan] where he could. It was a great way for them to come together and focus on positive goals.”

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