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This Relationship Expert Has an Interesting Theory on Jeff Bezos' Rumored Affair

One expert breaks down why Jeff Bezos most likely left his wife, MacKenzie, for his mistress.

By Marianne Garvey

Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos and his alleged mistress Lauren Sanchez are believed to have been seeing each other for at least the past nine months, according to the National Enquirer — and now, Page Six has a picture of the two dining together in April 2018. They were “photographed over a romantic meal of oysters and Champagne at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle — less than 9 miles from his family home in the wealthy enclave of Medina, where his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, and their kids reside.” Lauren is now estranged from her husband, Hollywood power agent Patrick Whitesell.

“Jeff could have booked a private room, but instead he brazenly chose a table that was front and center — even though Seattle is his hometown, and they could easily be recognized,” an eyewitness said of the date.

The two had been working together on Bezos’ spaceflight firm, Blue Origin, when they reportedly fell in love.

It’s not unusual for a powerful man (in this case, the richest man in the world with $134 billion) to cheat on his wife, but to leave for the mistress is a whole other “mess” says relationship expert Rori Sassoon, co-founder of upscale matchmaking agency Platinum Poire.

“Here’s how you fall in love with the mistress,” she explained. “Men that make it, that were once nerdy and unattractive and now all of a sudden they have a few dollars in their pocket, in this case, the richest man in the world, they become a lot sexier. And they have affairs because they can.”

If this were his wife, Mackenzie, who cheated, Sassoon noted, she would endlessly be labeled. But because he is who he is, “80 percent of the women in the world would go out with him.” His opportunities are endless, and he took advantage.

“It’s about the power, not about looks at this point,” she added.

But Lauren’s husband is powerful and rich himself, you may argue. “But he wasn’t Jeff Bezos,” Sassoon pointed out. “There’s never enough power. The more power people have the more they want to have.”

If he does end up marrying Lauren once his divorce is finalized, Sassoon said it may not work. “Due to the nature of how the relationship started when they were both married then I really believe it’s not a good foundation.”

She added that both couple’s children aren’t going to respect how the relationship started. “Even if they get married it doesn’t necessarily equal success.

In conclusion, they’re creating a mess,” Sassoon said.

Ultimately, we are all attracted to multiple people,  but can you help an attraction to someone? “If you’re married and there’s an attraction and too much chemistry with someone and you see it getting into trouble, it takes a conscious decision to say I’m going to fully be in my marriage and choose my marriage.”

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