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The Exorcist's Editors are still a little put off by Jes' intense freak out.

By DJ Kandrew

Oddly enough in the week about empowerment songs, not one person came off particularly empowered (except maybe Nick by the end). Brian and Jes tried to throw one another under the bus in order to stay in the competition and Scotty’s whole team thought their song was a total flop even though it ended up being the judges’ favorite. It seemed like they kind of missed the flame rather than kissed the flame.

No. 1 Most Inappropriate Comment from Nick This Week

Nick really doesn’t have much of a filter. Exhibit A:

But this week he raised the bar once again by saying that Jes would do well with empowerment songs, because they’re all about “being on the rag” or “boyfriends not calling you back.” Oof. I mean come on, you knew this was going to be televised, right? Comments like that aren’t going to win you a lot of dates (especially not with Colbie Caillat).

No. 1 Cutest Reaction to Something Very Serious

Clearly this wasn’t Jes’ week (we’ll get to her freak out later). She dug deep for the empowerment theme and opened up about being drugged and abused, which was terribly heart wrenching.  However Jewel’s exclamation of “Oh my heavens!” when Jes shared her story with the judges was just too adorable! We think it might be impossible not to like her.

No. 1 Best Dance Moves of the Season

Now we still have two more episodes, but we’d bet money on the fact that no one will be able to top Scotty’s very special dance/voguing showcase during his performance. You really need to watch to get the full effect:

I mean come on. There was no way that song was going to lose this week simply because of those moves. Scotty should really consider dancing every week. He doesn’t have to worry about anyone wanting to “rein” those moves in because they are fabulous.

No. 1 Exorcism Scene

Jes really had a very odd freak out when she was put in the bottom two. She kind of half shouted that she knows she can write a hit song and let out a series of “ooos” and “ahhs” along the way. The judges aptly commented (as she walked away and couldn’t hear, lest she start vomiting pea soup) that it was like watching an exorcism. We’re not sure if it was quite that supernatural, but it was definitely awkward.

No. 1 Most Dramatic Goodbye
Brian kind of surprised us by engaging in the most dramatic post-elimination behavior yet. Instead of walking into the stew room and saying his goodbyes, he just stood outside with his head against a wall and cried. It’s sad and all but come on, you’ll be OK, Brian! Why not try putting your natural born Elvis resemblance to use and try your hand at being an Elvis impersonator? Slip in your own original songs or a remix of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and see what happens.

Next week Scotty comes up with perhaps the most bizarre song title we’ve ever heard. Oh and Taio Cruz is a guest judge.

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