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Fashion Rocks's Assistant Editor dishes on all the baby mama drama from Episode 5.

From skulls and swords to fierce walks and fashions, this week's episode really had something for everyone. Oh and there were pregnancy suspenders. Now do people just send all of their random maternity clothing creations to Rosie in the hopes of having them take off? Because if so I can only imagine what comes through the doors of Rosie Pope Maternity. It seems this plan backfired for the pregnancy suspender people. Hopefully they have another more fashionable gem in their back pocket somewhere. 

But I digress. Rosie's client Melissa had a lot of help. So much help that I couldn't actually be sure of what each member of the staff's specific role was. Like Rosie, I too was confused as to what our favorite pregnancy concierge was supposed to be doing. Evidently Rosie was called in to throw a fabulous fashion show baby shower, which I'm guessing was music to LT's ears. 

Perhaps the best moment of the episode was Rosie, Melissa, and LT screening pregnant models to walk in the show. These three were not kidding around. And neither were some of those model mamas. They were bringing it for two! Of course LT had to show all the ladies how it was done and gave a little runway. But when he was explaining the importance of "serving" and "gagging," it honestly sounded more like he was talking about working in a restaurant. A very fierce restaurant full of sassy wait staff.

Once we got to the fashion show, Rosie had a little freak out when things weren't up to snuff. Rosie's naturally sunny disposition didn't exactly jive with her laying down the law, so somehow she managed to be cute all the while (which probably wasn't what she was going for). In the end it all came together, even though Melissa wore a non-Rosie Pope dress much to Rosie's displeasure. 

Then we have our rock 'n' rollers and their apartment full of weapons. Seriously though, it was kind of like Medieval Times in there. I was a little nervous for Rosie that she might end up hurting herself packing up all those knives. And besides all the skulls and expletive-laden guitars, what really gave me the most anxiety me was the CD shelf. That thing looked like a strong breeze could have knocked it over at any moment. Luckily the removed all the CDs before they could fall upon Rosie bringing the episode to a tragic. 

And then Rosie delivered the perfect heavy metal nursery. It had everything: secure bookshelves, a guitar mobile, murals of bunny's playing electric guitars. Rock on, Rosie Pope!

Next week Rosie gets the most bizarre request thus far -- A client who wants a nude portrait of herself on a horse. Intrigued yet?

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