Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

Hannah sometimes can't believe what Rosie will do for her clients.


In this week's episode of Pregnant in Heels, I gained a new appreciation for Rosie. No matter who or what she is dealing with in terms of her clients, she will go to whatever lengths necessary to make them happy. Even if that means sitting through an awkward sex therapy session when Ali and Adam needed help dealing with intimacy issues before their baby was born. If I was in that room, I know I couldn't have composed myself. Rosie managed to stay calm and collected and eventually helped Ali and Adam get their groove back! 

Rosie also kept her composure when dealing with the do-it-all, controlling, perfectionist Tanya. To add even more pressure, Tanya wanted to have the perfect pictures with her newborn baby right after giving birth. Sweating, red-face, no make-up does not equal pretty! But with the help of hair and make-up, Rosie made Tanya look gorgeous. Rosie also managed to find the perfect assistant for Tanya and also taught her how to delegate her work. 

I was also pleasantly surprised by the talent of LT and his band, The Kiki Twins. I have to admit, I did not expect to be as into it as I was. Their song "Step-Touch" constantly gets stuck in my head. I may have attempted to do the accompanying dance moves, but I will not be displaying them on TV anytime soon. I'll leave the dancing to LT!


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