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Mina's Diary

Hear about all the ups and downs of Mina's pregnancy.

May 1, 2010

Two weeks, no more night feeding, but the 8am waking up is KILLING ME. How come no one told me that breastfeeding is that horrible. It's the worst thing ever! There is no enjoyment to breastfeeding. It freaking hurts!

May 3, 2010

The world just got better. My English linen arrived with the hand embroidered initials! Perfection. They even came in their own dust bags. Divine. 

May 5, 2010

Could it be that I'm still pregnant? How is it possible that I gave birth to an almost 10 pound baby, and with my water and stuff emptied out of me I'm only ten pounds lighter? How is it possible? I have a charity luncheon in TWO DAYS. I thought I'd at least not look pregnant while attending the luncheon! What to do? 

May 12, 2010

My mother asked if I feel a special bond with Tyler yet. I'm not sure. I just know I can look at him all day and won't get bored. Wow. 

May 25, 2010

Big boobies, but not enough milk! Didn't know that can happen!

June 2, 2010

While Tyler slept, my assistant dragged me to the gym. I went on the Pre-Cor for three minutes and was that hell! I got off and watched my assistant work her butt off for the next half hour while answering emails on my Blackberry. So much for having fantasized "living" at the gym after birth and emerging smoking hot come summer! Great! Now what do I do?

June 22, 2010

This playdate thing is so much fun. Today I invited three babies over as well as their older siblings. Well... may not have been a great idea. I didn't know toddlers run and scream! There were two toddlers at ages two and three. Well in just twenty five minutes I not only almost had a heart attack from one trying to push my antique lamp over to another getting scared of my four pound Yorkie and then proceeded to hitting his head on the ground. On purpose that is! Oh my! Disaster.

June 30, 2010

I thought life would be difficult with the full time live in baby nurse gone. What would I ever do with just a 9 to 9 nanny? As it turns out, Tyler is so easy there is no work. Besides feeding, changing, and some playtime, he is no work at all. This baby doesn't even spit up! Incredible and I love weekends with Herman, Tyler, and Charlie. It's the most divine thing ever.

July 10, 2010

I turn thirty today. Gross. 

July 23, 2010

A very good friend lost her baby, and I couldn't stop crying today. Is it because I am a mom? I felt her pain in my stomach. And all night long I held onto Tyler so tight, so tight. How does a mother bury their child? I told my friend I'd be on the next flight out if she wants me to. 

July 31, 2010

Today Tyler went on his Godmommy's private yacht. He slept. I had a thought. My dad had a yacht, as did Herman's. It would be so unfair if we don't have one for Tyler! Some of my fondest weekend memories growing up were on a boat, and I know Herman's were too. Well that's a thought (a thought that's worth two million). In other news, we asked Godmommy to be Godmommy. She is truly an angel in human disguise. Tyler is so lucky to have her in his life. Who is luckier than one watched by an angel?

September 1, 2010

Why is it so hard to buy boys clothes? And why are all the brands that have actually good looking clothes not here in the States? Papo D'Anjo doesn't even have a store here! And Tartine et Chocolat is so limited here. God help me! How can that be? What do other boys wear? Can't be just what Im seeing out there!

September 19, 2010

I think I just planned and executed the most perfect event for Tyler. I deserve something from Hermes. HERMAN! Yesterday was the most amazing Christening for Tyler. His Godparents a round of perfection: Sheilagh (an angel), Peter (the bad influence... hahaha in a good way), and Christian (the brain). Event started with the most perfect letterpressed invites (with matching program and menu cards) from none other than Peter Kruty. Then a beautiful ceremony followed by a waterfront luncheon. We had a caviar tasting bar during cocktails, a cigar bar on the patio after lunch. For Herman, the highlight was the absolutely divine cake that we designed at Palermos. Three giant layers made into a metallic baby blue and white castle. It's only fitting to have a castle as Tyler is Le Petit Prince. The cake was a dark chocolate cake with hazelnut bacci butter cream. Delicious to the last crumb. We may have went a bit over board as we only had forty guests and the cake was ordered to feed two hundred people. Meanwhile the highlight for Tyler (well maybe me I guess) was the Flogo presentation. I didn't know this existed until I saw an NFL team used it during one of their major games. This company makes your logo into clouds -- clouds that fly high in the sky and can be seen as far as 100 miles away. Well, we had Tyler's crown and the letter "T" made into clouds and had them shot into the air atop of the Hudson River. It was nothing but breathtaking. With his amazing Godparents following and God by his side -- watch out world, here comes Le Petit Prince Tyler!

September 26, 2010

Tyler is five months old today, and I've managed to lose 40 pounds! 10 more to go!!!

October 30, 2010

Our home was infested with miniature bugs and animals today. Tyler hosted his first party! He hosted a Halloween bash. We had a buffet of fun food for the mommies and nannies and a each baby got a gift bag filled with matching Halloween themed bibs and onesies and baby food! How cute? Gracious-Host-In-Training!

November 1, 2010

I absolutely cannot believe that only a year and a half ago when I walked into Buy Buy Baby to get a gift for a friend, I turned to Herman and said this place is disgusting. There are babies everywhere, and it's literally diarrhea of colors everywhere. Who would want these things? And fast forward to now, Buy Buy Baby is right up there along side Neiman Marcus and Barney's NY!

November 10, 2010

Today Tyler officially got cuter!

December 1, 2010


December 17, 2010

Tyler's first holiday party! Woohoo. We took him into my husband's office today. I dressed him in a miniature custom made dress shirt (Yes they have those for babies) and a very GQ argyle Burberry vest matched with the most perfectly tailored pants from Tartine et Chocolat. Tyler was irresistible in the office. He even sat in his daddy's chair and pretended to look at numbers. His first Wall Street experience... 

December 20, 2010

Nanny #1. Dirty. Very dirty. Mixes all my sponges as I have one for cleaning each part of the home. Fired!

Nanny #2. Weird. Very weird. Just a bad vibe. Was ready to fire her today and of course she didn't even show up. Gone! Just gone. Well good –- DON'T COME BACK!

Nanny #3. Sweet but refuses to wear an uniform. Dresses in skin tight shirts that are low cut. Gross. You see her cleavage in every picture I take of Tyler. GROSS! After one month, she became unreliable. I hired you to make my life easier, not harder because you tell me the day of on many occasions that you can't make it?! Fired!

Nanny #4. Worked for two days and was caught still interviewing for new job. If what we offer isn't good enough then don't take it. Fired!

Nanny #5. I can't ... between traveling and holiday parties and end of year charity events and me trying to throw a charity trunk show to raise money for a local children's charity... I don't even have time to interview people. Seriously. You should see the people that walk through the door. One is missing a tooth. Another who had perfectly composed email correspondences turned out to speak not a word of English. Then another came in with black nail polish, heavy hot pink eye make up and chewing gum. One of them, looked like she was about to commit murder and I almost had to call our concierge to come escort her out! I can't... now I know why companies have HR departments. We need an HR specialist in the family. Seriously. They can work for me, my sisters, my mom, and my in-laws. It's feasible, isn't it?

December 30, 2010

Tyler is now hooked on his bunny rabbit that came in a Papo D'Anjo basket. I'm in trouble. There is no Papo D'Anjo in the US, and they don't make the bunny for sale! I can't buy 5 more baskets of cashmere layette clothes! WHAT TO DO?

February 1, 2011

January came and went. It's almost spring  thank goodness. No Harbor Island this year thanks to Tyler. I think we were all too comfortable to try to take him on a plane. Perhaps we'll try it once on a short trip or fly private and see how he reacts. When you fly private, you won't get those nasty stares that Herman is so afraid of getting with a crying baby. But wait, Tyler doesn't cry so why worry? Oh and we cant take nanny out of the country so we are stuck. We are royally stuck. Great. In other news, oh my God, it's count down to turning one. Party planning must begin. Meanwhile I love Tyler like words can't ever describe. I wish I could curl up in his crib with him every night! 

February 15, 2011

We went on our first ski trip with some friends last weekend. Herman and Tyler had to go first as I had to attend some late afternoon shows at Lincoln Center. Fashion week is becoming boring. Same backstage entrance. Same step and repeat. Same social pages. Same front row seats. I actually wished I was up at the ski house in jeans and sweater playing on the mat with Tyler. Anyways, most of these friends are parents of young babies that are similar to Tyler's age and I've got to say, I learned a lot from this trip. I didn't know babies needed to be put to sleep?! And I didn't know that when mothers say they have a "cranky baby" that means they cry and make this monotonous noise for hours at a time? I must be the most blessed mother in the world. I dont think ONCE I ever had to "put" Tyler to sleep by staying in the room or walking around the room. It's always I drop him in his crib, say goodnight, and he'd smile. I turn off the light and through my monitor, I see he plays with his toys for a bit then he is sound asleep till when I wake up the next day at 11! Oh yea, and I certainly didn't know babies wake up at 7am! Or 8am! Wow! I'm a lucky one.

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