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Broadway's 'Pregnant in Heels'

Rosie shares the funniest moment from her press tour and talks about her work-life balance.

By Rosie Pope

Just back from a whirlwind press tour of LA, and I am so excited to have actually been able to watch Pregnant in Heels live for the first time. Last week I was cooped up in an airplane in some crazed rain storm clutching the seat in front of me (and the poor lady beside me), and the week before I think I was probably shaking in fear about the imminent notoriety I was about to receive. I think I am still shaking in my boots (or slippers), but I am loving the support from all of you (especially those that stand by the fact that I don't have a speech impediment). I'm happy to answer all your tweets and messages, so keep them coming! 

My fave moment from the press tour (speed dating with media) was when one of the morning shows I was on announced me as the star of Broadway's Pregnant in Heels! It is not the idea of pregnant women singing on Broadway that I find so terrible (in fact I love the idea), it is just that I am the world's worst singer, and trust me when I say nobody wants to see me sing (not even my ever-loving husband). 

So reliving those moments with Robyn and Mark made me tired just thinking about them. I had finally managed to carve out an evening with Daron and JR, and she calls me to say that she had ruined the wedding dress. It was one of those moments in which I knew I couldn't win. I either had to spend the entire weekend making new dresses and not spend it with my family, or I could spend it with my family and gravely disappoint my client on her wedding day. I find in my line of work that these conundrums come up regularly, and they are so hard to deal with as I hate letting anyone down. I managed to find a compromise with the Robyn situation and worked all night, drank boat loads of coffee, and then spent the day with my son. (Could you see the bags under my eyes at the wedding?) People always ask whether I have figured out the work-life balance, and the truth is absolutely not, but I try and stay as flexible as possible and adapt to what is going on at home and at work. 

That wedding was such a roller coaster with the stress of my client and then the call from my doctor. At every stage of IVF and the getting pregnant process I always just wanted a definitive answer so I can deal one way or another.  However, the problem is that the doctors could hardly ever give one. Episode 3 was a perfect example, I might be pregnant or it could be a sign of something else, they just weren't sure. So again I had to deal with the waiting, and trust me when I say the waiting seems like eternity when you re in the thick of it. For all my fellow ladies going through infertility my heart goes out to you, your strength is unparalleled and never forget it.

Now, to finish on a light-hearted note, if you learn anything from my "High Tea" instructions, please learn one thing, and that is compliments and hugs simply make an English gal feel uncomfortable. (Okay, I have been in the U.S. for over ten years so I am starting to like the compliments!) We simply don't know what to do with the affection, so don't be offended if we respond to your delightful compliment with something completely ridiculous like, "Don’t be silly, I look like a cow in this outfit!" Ahhh, what it is to be British, we are so well adapted!  Hmm, I think not, thank goodness my sons are 50% southern!

Until next week! Shop Rosie Pope Maternity, MomPrep Classes, read my blog, meet our experts, and take your Mommy IQ Test at Follow me on Facebook and Twitter: @rosiepope,   

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