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Let's Talk About Sex

Rosie admits how awkward this episode was for her and addresses your questions about her accent.

By Rosie Pope

OK my lovelies, now before talking about how awkward it was re-watching the Adam and Ali sex therapy scenes, let me just tell you a wee bit about my accent (although I do love the complete controversy it is causing). I was born and raised in London, England and moved to New York City when I was 18. I then married a lovely chap who was born in Mississippi with Southern parents and then raised in New Jersey. So, what does that mean for my accent? Hmm, definitely mixed up, but as far as I know, no speech impediment! Although, now that you all point it out, do I have a lisp? Here is to making lisps sexy (and that was a lot of S's for someone who apparently has a lisp)! 

Now that you all know I am English, let me just say being English and talking about sex is not exactly a smooth sailing combination. It couldn't make me more uncomfortable (lights out in the bedroom if you know what I mean)! I think if I wasn't covered in make-up, I would have looked the color of a tomato ("tom-ah-toe" because I'm British) through most of this episode. However, despite my total awkwardness and need to refer to our special lady and gentlemen parts as members of the royal family for respectability's sake, the topic is indeed an important one. Many, many of the couples I meet are incredibly excited about becoming parents, but less excited about what is happening to their relationship. It seems as though precisely the fun that got you started on the journey to parenthood has taken a backseat or completely fallen off the back of the truck... Ah, I love the use of metaphors to get around awkward subjects. (Oh and along with my apparent lisp I think I am also really bad at metaphors!) But no matter how large the difference between a couple's wants and desires at particular times of pregnancy and parenthood, it is so important to address them. 

Now this doesn't necessarily mean brining sex toys into your relationship, but it does mean doing whatever you have to do in order to get a couple talking about it. And let me tell you, a shock tactic like that seemed just about the only thing I could do to finally get Adam and Ali having the discussion. Now, you might be the lucky pregnant woman whose hormones are making your libido shoot through the roof, tackling your partner into the bedroom every chance you can get, but more likely the opposite is happening coupled with some really awkward sex dreams (probably not about your partner), so listen up: Remember to talk to your partner and help them understand how you feel, remember to take care of yourself so you feel good about yourself, and remember to find time (even if it isn't sexy time) for your relationship! 

Now before I sign off and bury my head in the sand because re-watching those sex scenes has made me extremely fidgety (or maybe that was the fourth cup of coffee I've had today), let me just say, I don't think professional golf is in my future!  

Until next week! Shop Rosie Pope Maternity, MomPrep Classes, read my blog, and meet our experts at Follow me on Facebook and Twitter: @rosiepope and and take your own Mommy IQ Test 

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