Perfect Parental Shape

Perfect Parental Shape

Rosie shares her secret for dealing with hard to handle clients.

Holy moly, the first episode of Pregnant in Heels has premiered, and what an amazing journey it has been and continues to be. Besides from the initial shock as I watched my lavender eye make-up flash before the screen (hmm, will have to re-think that for future TV appearances), I am so excited that you all finally get to meet me and the world of Rosie Pope Maternity, MomPrep, and my Maternity Concierge Services.

Now I know my Concierge clients can seem extreme with outlandish requests, they are the "Million Dollar Mamas" after all, but underneath everything they just want to be great parents and give their babies the best possible start in life, and that of course is where I come in. Take Sarah and Jon who thought all they needed was me to design a sleek and modern nursery for them, but what I realized they needed more than anything else was to come to terms with the fact that they were terrified of being parents... hence the controversial therapist move by me! Somehow I always seem to have these "Barbara Walters" moments with my clients. (Yes, Barbara, I'm available for an interview and I just might cry, because beneath this British steely exterior I am a total mush!) You see, no matter what it is my clients bring me and my team of experts, I always make sure we address the important underlying issues before we say our goodbyes and leave them to their new bundle of joy. Not every budding new parent wants to hear the hard truths, but that is where I come in, and thank goodness I'm a Brit, because I think it lets me get away with a lot when it comes to whipping my clients into perfect parental shape! And let's face it, my reputation precedes me, so they know what they are getting themselves in to!  

I've been getting a lot of questions about my decision to discuss my infertility on the show. For me it was about being honest and opening a dialogue. The road to parenthood is not necessarily an easy one for everyone, and even if you don't end up doing IVF, many people have a hard time (or a harder time than they expected) getting pregnant. It is still one of those topics that is an extreme challenge to talk about, so I hope I make it just a little easier.  I also think part of why I am so good at what I do is because of all that I have been through both trying to become a mother and as a mother. Infertility is nothing to be ashamed of, and I hope to provide some support and comfort to the millions of women that have struggles. And let's face it, I've been around so many pregnant women there is nothing related to the subject I won't discuss, and I hope that is refreshing for people. For more discussion on this read my blog:

OK, so I am going to avoid wearing sweatpants out in public for the rest of the week just in case I get recognized, but if I don't, those puppies are coming right out! Until next week...

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