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Scared Like the Rest of Us

Rosie reveals that underneath the outlandish demands, her clients are like any other parent.

By Rosie Pope

On this week's episode I had clients from two ends of the financial spectrum; however pregnancy and parenthood can truly be the universal equalizer. No matter how much or how little money a person has, the fact is that having a child will change your life forever. The challenge (well one of the challenges) is to figure out how to celebrate who you are while embracing who you are becoming. Your child will only benefit from knowing who you are as an individual as well as who you are as a parent. No matter whether you are living in a mansion in New Jersey or an apartment on Long Island, the transition is true for both. My clients who accept this transition and celebrate it are always the ones that enjoy those first few weeks and ultimately their lives with their bundle of joy far more than the others. Embracing change is good, my friends, especially when it is because you are having a baby!

Now you may be wondering (and I have received a lot of questions asking) whether I talk to my clients about my own battle with secondary infertility. The answer depends on the client, and whether I think they could benefit in some way from hearing my story. I am certainly not going to beat them over the head with a sob story just because I am having a tough morning, but in the case of Melissa I really felt she had so many walls built up around her (manifesting in the form of childbirth experts and educators) that by me sharing just a wee bit of my own struggle, she might drop her guard for just a moment. You see, when I meet these clients, no matter how outlandish and extreme their requests seem, what I am really looking to do is to uncover the deeper issues at hand and help them prepare for parenting. If I truly felt that these clients didn't on some level want to bring me in to try and make them better parents, I wouldn't cater to their every whim, because let's not forget, I am there for them but also for their babies. Believe me at times it can be hard to scratch away at the outlandish and often superficial exterior, but underneath it all they are usually just scared like the rest of us, and I fall in love with them as families while preparing them for this most amazing blessing of parenthood. From charity fashion shows for baby showers to rock 'n' roll nurseries, these are all just vehicles for my clients to celebrate and emotionally prepare themselves for better parenting, so bring it on!

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