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Amanda: "Erica was Inconsiderate to Rob"

Amanda Bertoncini weighs in on Erica's behavior at Body English.

Jeff and I just got back from a mini vacation in Florida. He met my grandparents on my mom's side for the first time, and they loved him just like I knew they would! We then went to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Boca Raton where Jeff has family. His dad's cousins embraced me like I am family and I couldn't feel more blessed. Off the record, their house is RIDONCULOUS. 

photo%20%2821%29.JPG"Obsessed with my fishtail braid in this episode, done at Aura Salon and Style Lounge in Great Neck!

This episode was a fun one for me to watch! Mazel to that! Ha! Going shopping with Chanel at The National Jean Company in Williston Park, NY was much needed. Retail therapy indeed. Chanel was upset about her break-up, and I hate to see Chanel down. I knew doing imitations with her of our mothers would distract her for at least three minutes! Whenever I'm with Chanel I feel free to be myself and talk to her on a deeper level. Chanel and I are very similar in certain ways. We try our best to stay away from drama and live life to the FULLEST! When I hear about her break-up, it truly gets to me emotionally and enrages me! This "douchebag" should have been history after he left her for that girl. The douche and that little girl belong together because they are both immature. He has no idea how to be in a serious relationship. Calling Chanel whenever he feels lonely is pathetic. Hasta Luego, A--HOLE! Chanel is too good for a booty call. Watching their conversation in the car made me want to smack him in the head and say "WAKE UP!" OR "LISTEN TO HER, DAMMIT!" Dude, if you're trying to make things better and apologize, then don't be defensive... OWN IT! He wasn't even listening to what Chanel had to say. I couldn't wait for her to get out of the car and say "We're done!" Ugh, I'm so over talking about him. Chanel's father is such a good man, and he is right when he says she will find a good man who will treat her right. She will find that someone eventually who will love her as much as she loves him.As the single ladies of our group go to the Jewish singles camp that unfortunately never happened, Erica and I couldn't wait to have our girl time... with BABS! I used to go out with my mom occasionally because honestly she is more fun than a lot of the girls I know! Since Jeff and I started dating, we paused a bit on going out together. I was getting to know Jeff and spending more time with him, which is inevitable when starting a new relationship. We are not attached at the hip as it may seem, but at the same time I want to be around him, and it's important to me that he gets along with my friends. Going out to the club, Body English in Long Island, was just for the girls, and boy, did we have fun! Babs and I arrive together and already she spots her crew! I love seeing my mom out and about and especially happy. She deserves a night out for sure! I am naturally, extremely outgoing, but through certain life circumstances I've learned that sometimes guys misconstrue my friendly way as flirting. I am so in love with Jeff that I couldn't care less about  any of the guys around our VIP table. I just want to "get so low that nobody can even see me" and let my hair down. I am known by many friends growing up to be the one who drops it like it's hot! I love to dance... I can have fun anywhere even if I'm alone. Ha! I did feel that Erica was inconsiderate to Rob in the way she was talking to guys. You need to have respect for each other in order to have a healthy relationship. When she said she didn't have a boyfriend to one guy I got scared, only out of love for Erica. Rob is her comfort zone, and she needs that pillow. He helps her in ways that I am not able to. If she was to lose him I know she would be beside herself. All I want for Erica is to be happy and healthy. We can still have fun going out, at the same time having respect for ourselves, without being suggestive at all and without leading men on. We have to be accountable for our own behavior. I always have a great time going out with Erica, but I feel the need to try and save her from a possible fight with Rob. Not just her, but people in general. My heart always feels the need to protect when I see something possibly going down the wrong path. Maybe it's the older sister in me.

Thank you for watching this week's episode. Catch up with me personally on Twitter @Therealamandab_ and on Instagram @AmandaBertoncini. 


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