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Amanda's Matzahf---er of a Vacation

How did Amanda get dragged into Ashlee and Joey's fight?

By Amanda Bertoncini

This episode starts with me and my sister Taylor ring shopping. We were casually shopping and  to go in.  My sister was very mature. She was asking me questions that were important to her about me getting married. She is younger than me and naturally listens to what she hears from my mom and has thoughts that were brewing inside of her. I am happy I got to express my emotions with her and have her on my side. She loves Jeff, but this “wait until at least a year thing" banter from my mom was then said to me from my sister. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but at the end of the day, it is my life. Like I said, time means nothing to me. G-d forbid, something awful can happen as things do every day. I know inside my heart the love Jeff and I share, and I don't want to wait when we know we are ready.

When Jeff's parents were invited over for dinner, I was definitely nervous. They are the sweetest people, and we are already so close, but I knew the topic of marriage or moving in together was bound to be brought up. Lo and behold, it was. Gail and Charlie were the saviors in those awkward moments.

Now let’s discuss our last trip of the summer to Montauk. What a Matzahf---er of a vacation.  The South Point Wine Vineyard is absolutely beautiful! I really thought the peaceful atmosphere and wine would help the mood for Ashlee and Joey, but unfortunately it didn't at all. I thought things started out rather smoothly when we grabbed our iced coffee at Kitchen Kabaret before we headed on the road. During the car ride, Joey was venting to me about her issues with Ashlee, but once we arrived, Joey and I were making the most out of our last vacation and stayed positive. We went down to see how the wine was made, which was so interesting and fascinating to see. I’ve never been to a wine vineyard and would love to go again. Once we went outside, they had set up such a beautiful table for us. Ashlee was right across from me. I could see it in her face that she was quite affected and not happy. When I used the word “bruta facha,” I was referring to her sourpuss face in Italian. Listen: if you feel like you're pushing yourself to do something, don’t do it because it will probably end up not ending well. She shouldn’t have come if she wasn’t going to make it pleasant, make the most out of being together, and just enjoying the day.

Erica, for some reason, had to mention “the elephant in the room right then and there; we all dropped our silverware and said to ourselves, "Here we go!" For some reason, Ashlee keeps saying she is being attacked when she is actually stirring the pot and making all this drama happen in the first place. I was friends with Ashlee… until I got close to Joey. What kind of friend takes sides after 5th grade? I’d love to know. As far as I know, I never did anything malicious to hurt that girl. It’s all in her head. I pray for her. She tried to pull Chanel away from us in a calculated and disgusting way. Not to mention obviously badmouthing us to Casey. Pitbulls, Ashlee? I mean, really? Her describing herself as though she feels like a little puppy is the little girl inside of her that always needs to be rescued. Ashlee, you’re a 30-year-old women. This is reality. I tried making peace at the table; everyone did. Not a thing was working at that moment because Ashlee was so set in her ways, and then went lower than low by saying something private to Joey about her mom. She couldn’t wait to blow up at the table and make her exit. It's unconscionable how she involved me and Erica like she did. Maintain your own battles, and don’t drag your friends into it. It's one of those funky situations, where we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t! 

Jeff's cameo in my confessional was priceless! What can I say? We are still in our “honeymoon” phase. I hope it continues to eternity and back. On that note, stay tuned for the season finale of Princesses next Sunday at 9/8c to see where our relationship goes! Continue the conversation with me on Twitter @TheRealAmandaB_ #PRINCESSES

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