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Drink Hanky Nation

Amanda explains how her business started.

By Amanda Bertoncini

Hey, guys! Hope you had a fab weekend! Chanel, Ashlee, and I were on Good Day New York this past Wednesday, June 26th. We were so excited and grateful to be on and meet Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly. They were so sweet and easy to talk to.  

This episode really had me in fits of laughter! It started out with me saying to Chanel on the show, “I’m taking the Coco out of you.” After her break-up, she needed a girls' night out! She is single and ready to mingle! Come on, Coco, your "vagina is clicking!" Whenever we go out, we have the best time. We always make sure to get low of course and dance the night away! I walked around the club, Four, and found a guy that I knew Chanel would find attractive. They were getting to know each other, and to spice it up, I had the guy give her a lap dance! Chanel, if your parents get mad, it’s my fault! Ha! Erica was unable to come because she was feeling sick. I thought she would meet us at the club, but last minute she texted us that she wasn’t feeling well.  here was drinking involved at Body English, so I assumed it was a hangover. Whatever it was, Chanel and I really had an awesome time! I was so happy to see her smile. I knew it would be fun right when we left the house and chanted, "COCO AND AB, YOU WISH THAT YOU COULD BE!"

Brunch at Chanel’s… What can I say, I love shmearing! Mmmmm… bagels and lox! During the brunch, the topic of Erica’s drinking was brought up after Chanel told us Erica couldn’t make it to brunch. It seemed like this started to become a pattern for Erica. She’s been a no-show a number of times. No matter what, I am here for Erica, and I didn’t agree that Casey should go with Chanel to Erica’s. When there is a situation as urgent as this I believe there is a need to be careful with how you approach it. I know Casey was just trying to help, and that takes strength to enter a very awkward situation. With the “intermenschion” at Erica’s I think she was confused as to why they came over and what exactly they wanted to address. I know it must have been awkward with Casey, as we know they aren’t friends, but I believe both Chanel and Casey would have been more effective if they were more direct with Erica. I launched The Drink Hanky Inc. In 2011, and with the patent it took at least a year to create it in the factory. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, which helped me in the creative process. I’m obsessed with iced coffee, even in the winter, and my hands would always get cold while holding my drink. Also, naturally, the condensation from the drink makes it leak all over your desk, cupholder, etc. I thought, "Why not make a sleeve for your drink to prevent these problems, but also make it a fashion statement?" I am almost done with my second collection now and made so many new styles! New fabrics, added drawstring and elastic, and even made a Princess edition! Can’t wait to show you… stay tuned!  

PHOTOS: Amanda's Drink Hanky Photoshoot

Ilton is my best friend. I’ve known him since high school, but we weren’t close until college. I was at Hunter College in the city, and he was at Baruch. When Ilton and I get together, magic happens. We are so alike and always are positive and constantly motivating each other. We will dance in the middle of the street or make music videos at home. We made a Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” video along with others… just sayin’! He is extremely creative and thinks outside the box. I invited him over my house to start brainstorming for the second collection of The Drink Hanky.  I am so happy the public enjoyed my first one! It means everything to me as this company is my baby right now. My mom’s idea of a “sex hanky”? GREAT IDEA! Ha! What’s up with sex being a selling point for Joey and me?! That is too funny. 

My Drink Hanky photoshoot was as much fun as it looked! Yes, I undressed in the park! The way I work is with SPONTANEITY! Not with spontaNUity! Whoops! It was a great success as the whole town was watching and asking about my product. I literally sold a couple hundred Hankys that day! Sometimes, the best things just go unplanned. That’s how I operate! I’ve done many photoshoots with my company, and I wanted this one to be off the cuff. I was getting annoyed hearing the construction work being done by the park and used it as an opportunity for a great background! 

Check out my website for more information and to enjoy your own Drink Hanky! And follow us on twitter @DrinkHanky

Thank you for watching! 


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