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Casey: You've Got a Friend in Me

Casey Cohen explains how proud she was of Chanel's stance against her ex-boyfriend.

By Casey Cohen

It's so important to be there for others not only to better them, but to learn and better yourself. I’m really proud of Chanel. As her best friend, watching her hurt pains me. It’s really hard to stand up to people that have hurt you, and it takes a lot of courage to say things that need to be said. I always remind her that she should never settle for anything less than she deserves. Mike doesn't deserve Chanel... at all. Even though it was hard for her to tell Mike (her ex) about the way she felt, I’m really happy she got the closure she needed about her relationship. I spoke to her that night and told her then how proud I was of her because the hardest obstacles we face are our own fears. Pushing through those fears we learn that we are unstoppable, and we shouldn’t settle for anything less than we deserve. I know there is someone out there that is right for Chanel, and every relationship brings us closer to finding the one.

I was really looking forward to going to singles Jewish camp with the girls because I have never even heard of such a thing before and was open to seeing what it was about. I’m definitely the camp type. I went to Timber Lake Camp, a sleepaway camp, for eight years. They were some of the best summers of my life, learning responsibilities, making friends, and playing sports. When I was old enough, I even was fortunate enough to work there as a counselor and contribute to the Ceramics department. I still talk to my campers today and appreciate the experience to grow and take care of others. I was disappointed that we didn't go to the Jewish camp, and wound up at a local bar where we could make the most of the situation. I don't ever really get up and dance in bars that I go to. I was glad to see that the other girls were having fun dancing, and glad for the opportunity to sit and relax, since I work in a hospitality company usually four nights a week.Loyalty is really important to me. I'm really proud of and respect Amanda for thinking about Jeff when she went out. Erica, on the other hand, doesn't seem to know what it means to be loyal. After watching this scene, it made me feel better about my decision not to be close to her. Although I've moved past the situation that happened years ago, I definitely won't forget lessons it taught me about friendship, trust, and loyalty. Erica doesn't appear to be changing, and unfortunately, unless she does, she will continue to hurt people close to her. The way she handled herself, flirting to an extreme, using vulgar language with the strange guys next to her, seemed like she didn't really care about her relationship with her boyfriend, Rob. It's almost as if her words meant nothing because her actions contradicted them. The whole situation is really sad. Not easy watching anyone go down this path. Erica, you say, "I would never cheat," then you do. It's hard to watch. Not to say you don't have a heart, but the alcohol intake has just got to stop. You become a totally different person, and it's not pretty.

On another note... Ashlee, I think you are so funny that you bring your own sheets!! Love it!!

Thank you all for the support and reading my thoughts about last week's episode. “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” -Oprah Winfrey. I'm really grateful for all of your support and love hearing from you! Follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @CaseyLCohen so we can talk #princesses and more!



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