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Chanel: Not Kosher!

Chanel Omari reacts to Erica and "Red Bikini Girl's" faux pas.

By Chanel Omari

Hi Bravo readers,

I am so excited for you to read my first blog entry! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Chanel Omari! Growing up on Long Island, my group of friends have nicknamed me "coco" for short, and I have always been known as the mover and shaker throughout my community. My greatest passion is bringing people together and trying to make peace whenever and wherever I can. However, all I can say from the get-go is I am not the messiah and not perfect, but I am all about giving love, being soulful about life, and trying to find my own silver linning in all aspects of my life. I am looking forward for you to grow with me on this journey! 

I come from a modern orthodox family, which means we keep kosher, the Sabbath, and we are really observant when it comes to Jewish traditions. It's challenging for me to be as religious as my family. I am trying to apply our Jewish traditions in a more modern way and in my own way. When I saw Erica and her family not knowing if the hot dogs were kosher, it took me a little aback, because Erica and I have been friends for so long, and she knows how important it is for me to keep kosher meats, but at the same time, I am not holding it against them because they aren't as observant as my family, which is OK, and everyone has their own rules when it comes to faith, and I can't be the judge of that. It's between them and G-d I am trying to find my own silver linning when it comes to my faith and my religion.

I am trying to figure out all aspects of my life right now, whether it's finding the one in my love life, friendships, and family relationships as well as my career path. It's not easy being 28, single, and still living at home, not having everything figured out and coming to terms with it being OK.

My younger sister is getting married, and I am feeling more of the pressure to settle down and have kids from my family. Don't get me wrong -- I am so happy for my baby sister, and it's every woman's dream to be getting married to the love of her life. I tend to use humor a lot when it comes to certain struggles and challenges in my life because I believe laughter is a remedy of life. It's been challenging planning my sister's wedding since I thought I would be married by now to the love of my life, l, who left me for his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend, which has been hard for me to grasp, especially since I am not getting any younger, and I put my all into that relationship. I feel betrayed, and I am still trying to find my silver linning when it comes to him. 

I see how Amanda and Jeff are together, and I aspire to find real love like that. I know it's out there, and even though it's hard to find it, I know I will one day. It's all about keeping positive and having confidence to attract the right ONE.I was really excited to go to Erica's pool party since she is known to throw great pool parties since high school. I really needed time with my girls and to take my mind off my ex. Nothing like a great pool party with hot men to get your mind off your ex! 

I don't mean to offend anyone by the "trainer" comment... I was trying to be funny and make light of the situation, especially when there were awkward moments at that pool party. I love trainers and never meant to sound ignorant. I don't discriminate against anyone who works to make a living. I respect everyone who works hard, and It doesn't matter which industry they work in. As long as you are a good person. There were also hot firemen and businessmen there. I just happened to be surrounded by the hottie trainers, and my cocobootylicious can use a bit of a workout anyway, so if I did end up with a trainer, I would be the lucky one.

I was really disturbed by what that girl, Sarah aka "Red Bikini Girl: (RBG) said to Jeff and Amanda. She was trying to break them up and start a fight, and it wasn't cool. She said really offensive mean words that weren't necessary and unacceptable to me and offensive to the gay community! I love my gays and will always be overprotective when it comes to derogatory and offensive name-calling about anyone, especially when it's done to my friends and family! Jeff and Amanda are like fam to me and they are my friends and good people! They didn't deserve to be disrespected! RGB needs to own her actions for herself! I was raised to treat everyone with respect and treat everyone equally despite their race, nationality, sexuality, religion etc... I was raised to have respect for others and not say mean things to them or about them. 

I was also raised to not get involved in other people's fights. I wanted to really stick up for Amanda and Jeff at the pool party, but at the time I also felt it wasn't my place. However, I am proud of Jeff and Amanda for standing up for themselves and leaving the party before it got  worse. Hopefully RBG will learn from her mistakes and never say or do what she said again because it's not becoming of any woman to try and break up real true love like Amanda's and Jeff's! Good night, my prince and princesses, and stay tuned for more drama, love, fun, family, and more next week on Princesses: Long Island. And also stay tuned for more of my thoughts on 

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