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Erica: "You're Always Welcome, Babs!"

Erica Gimbel wouldn't have minded Amanda's mother at her pool party... to put Sara in her place.

This first episode really starts things off with a conversation that has aspects that are some of the biggest aspects of this show. Chanel’s father and mother, Donna and Sam Omari, are such a traditional couple. You can really tell what a strong family bond the Omaris have and how much they are each a part of one another’s lives. You can really tell how much they care beyond words about Chanel, her sister, and fiancé. Chanel is being so helpful in this first scene with helping with the wedding planning and making herself such a big part of her sister's special day. Chanel’s imitation of her parents is really right on the dot. I really relate to Donna's wishes for Chanel because my mom has also said some of the same exact things. I also connect so much to Chanel when she talks about agonizing breakups and always wanting the fairytale and story that has a happily ever after.

As per my family, my father is always cracking me up. He is beyond hilarious and what my friends  and I to call him “rog” “the man” because he is just so cool. I guess I truly at times am a daddy’s girl. That’s not to say my mother isn't my best friend too, and I can be a total mother's girl as well, but I am definitely a huge fan of my father's humor and personality. He really always has the ability to make me laugh. At my house, he truly is always yelling at the dogs to stop barking and is definitely the patriarch, manly Alpha male of the family. I was so glad to have Chanel over to hang with the family and have a little low-key relaxing BBQ. I did not realize what a real douchebag Chanel's ex was to her and how he has the nerve to be contacting her for more chances. She deserves better than this putz. She needs a man like her father. A true mensch and nothing less.Ashlee and her father at the nail salon is hilarious and also really endearing how close they are. I wish my dad would come with to the nail salon, but I don’t think that will ever happen. It’s OK -- I'll stick to going out fishing with him. This is really a gorgeous nail salon -- it's very fancy schmancy. Definitely fit for a Princess. Love all the names of the treatments they offer. Must give the salon I go to some new ideas! Ashlee talking about all the different types of heels she has for each type of outfit she is wearing is amazing. I mean, I have a lot of different heel types for certain outfits, but she really has every genre under the sun covered. It’s not the days of the lives -- it’s the days of the shoes!!!

On to Amanda’s house. Amanda’s mom and her have such great accents. Two blond bombshells in a pod, except in Great Neck. They are both so quirky and look like Barbie mom and daughter. It is ultimately really sweet how close she is with Amanda that she doesn’t want her to ever leave her. 

Love having Joey over for a little post-work hang session. Love how she says she wants to be a Gimbel. She can be an honorary one any day!!!! I really love getting to know her and getting close with her. I really feel like we have this great connection.

I love how when Amanda, Babs, and Jeff go bathing suit shopping, Babs asks if she should be looking for something for the party also. I would’ve loved to have her and hope she knows she is always invited… as long as Amanda permits it. She definitely would have put Sara in her place. Such a great day to have pool party. I love being the host and having everyone over, just kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful weather. One of my favorite moments of the party is Chanel's face when she runs and jumps in the pool with all her clothes on. Look out, Ryan Lochte -- you got some competition! She is such a character and so much fun. She is always down to live it up. This girl Sara is really starting to instigate and take things too far. I wasn’t aware until I watched this that she was running around telling everyone some stupid Facebook thing about Jeff and stirring up unnecessary drama. I can’t believe what she said and how she acted, and wish she wasn’t there. She kind of ruined the party. 

I guess because the party ended on a bad note and in a bust, I will just have to another one to make up for it. 

Till Next Week…. All my Love!

Always be true to yourself.


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