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Joey: Apology Smology?

Joey provides her final thoughts on Ashlee, Casey, and loyalty.

By Joey Lauren

Here we are at the end of our Season 1 road It has been a twisty, turny, sometimes dirty, bumpy ride.  But all is well that ends well! Right?! Maybe…

Was that an apology from Ashlee? “I’m sorry that you are the way you are….”  

I need to address this comment head on, but I need to also state the following before addressing it: my comments regarding Ashlee and Casey have nothing to do with choosing sides or pinning people against each other. I actually want Casey and Ashlee to be good friends to each other -- they clearly care for one another. They just need to not follow each other blindly. As I like to say, “Trust, but verify.” That means trust your friends, but verify the answers yourself.  

When true friends speak to each other, it comes from the heart, and nothing your friend says to you should be taken in a negative way. You need to listen to your friends -- they love you and try to help you -- so listen to them and try to understand what they are saying.

That said, here we go: waatching Ashlee/talking to her/listening to her is like bad karma: the same horrible circle over and over again. For most of us in this world, the sky is blue, and for those of us who may argue against it, there is usually a logical conversation had between two rational people, which allow us to agree that the sky is some sort of blue derivation. But on “Planet Ashlee,” as Amanda calls it, there is no blue sky, and there is no conversing, and there sure as hell is no agreeing. The sky on Planet Ashlee is whatever color Ashlee wants it to be, apparently. Fortunately for Ashlee, she has somehow surrounded herself with individuals who share similar (altered) perceptions of reality. Unfortunately for Ashlee, these people do not speak the truth, and they further limit her ability to grow as a human being.

But know, Ashley -- regardless if we are friends or not -- if I didn’t care I wouldn’t write about you in my blog or text you to see how you are doing. You have impacted my life, and I have learned quite a bit from what I’ve been through with you, and I do hope one day you can say the same.

That said, if you decide to keep coming for me, make sure you have a lot of Benadryl close by to prevent additional “allergic reactions.”

Now, onto the head cop of Planet Ashlee: Casey. Casey, you know a whole lot about nothing, and you defend social injustice with the ignorant blind fury of, well, Ashlee! Your only winning tactic in your conversation with Amanda is her disbelief of how off-base you are. She was more stunned at your outrageous understandings than a “Bambi” in headlights. There was zero rationale to your thought process displayed, and I hope you can see that now that you are somewhat removed from the situation (you don’t have to admit it to us, but hopefully please admit it to yourself!)

To be clear, Casey (and Ashlee and anyone else): being “loyal” doesn’t mean you have to give up your intelligence or ability to be honest. But when you do give up those things, you become a sheep and you discredit your intelligence.

In my final blog of Season 1, I want this to be known:  

Regarding a few other things from the season/this episode: this has been a really tough season for Chanel. She is a peacemaker, and I understand this about her and love her for it. And she knows that when you’re  in the middle of a gun fight, you sometimes you get caught in the crossfire. I didn’t want her to be in the middle of anything, but sometimes it happens. We’ve learned a lot from each other this season -- and since the season has ended, for that matter. We are the type of friends that grow together: we often have different viewpoints, but we inspire each other and help each other to broaden our views and see things from different angles.  She has really helped me be less confrontational. I know I’m harsh at times and I’m brutally honest and sarcastic. I’m a passionate person, but my emotions aren’t always expressed correctly. Chanel has really helped me to take a deep breath when things are getting heated, and she inspires me to go about things in a more peaceful way. I know I need to understand my surroundings better and not force who I am onto others when I first meet them. I’m working on that. And Chanel is learning that there is a time and place for truths to be spoken. 

Additionally, Chanel and I both agree it was right that she went to the hospital for Ashlee. Ashlee needed someone there with her -- no one should go to a hospital alone. I sure as heck was not the right person to have gone with Ashlee, but if there was no one else there, I wouldn’t have let her go alone. I would have gone with her. (I know, hard to believe, but I am human, people, and I do have compassion for other.).

With all of that said:  

There is always room for change!  

Never say never! 

Go big or go home!  

Dream big! 

Don’t let anyone stand in your way!

I love you all! And this won’t be the last you see of me! I can promise you that! 

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