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Joey's 90-Day Plan

Joey gives a Kissamint update.

By Joey Lauren

The exciting life!

A Bravo wedding! Million-dollar house hunting! Apartments that are the size of a shoe box (and I’m not talking thigh high boots)! 

Each week is getting better and better! Will Chanel find the love of their life? Will Erica take the plunge with Rob, or will Amanda beat her to the altar? Will I launch Kissamint before I get evicted in #90days! Whatever happens, I hope we all end up happily ever after.

It’s beyond awesome that people are starting to recognize me on the street! I may have cried when the first person recognized me on the subway (yes, I take the subway… all the time! It’s the best way to get to work). I ask them, and I ask all of you to keep watching the show and tweet me your thoughts @Joey_Lauren. We’re out there for you all to see: doing our dirty laundry (some people are learning to do their dirty laundry!) and airing our dirty laundry! The group discussions and viewer feedback are amazing. I love all of it. Good, bad, indifferent -- it helps put things in perspective for me. I may laugh, cry, cringe, whatever! Regardless, I need and want to hear it, so keep it coming please!

So, from this week’s show: I have to share something I’m mortified to admit. I may have looked like a semi-pro while fixing up some of my famous scrambled eggs for my dad (secret ingredient: Temp Tee cream cheese), the plastic bag from the toast was too close to the kitchen stove, and it caught fire! Great!!! Oy! I somehow got rid of the burning plastic smell immediately, so nobody caught on. Calm and cool under pressure -- that’s moi!  

Regarding what you did see this week: Kissamint! I’ve gotten all your tweets and emails asking where you can purchase Kissamint. Here is the truth: I’m right smack in the middle of the process of the product launch. Any day now (fingers and toes crossed!) we start production. It took a while to find the right partners, distribution plan, marketing tools, etc. I have a big goal in mind, and each step has to be perfect! This is my dream, and I dream BIG. Before even going into production in order to properly pitch the product, I had to have the right look and feel. That took more than two years! The first logo you saw a few weeks ago evolved into what it is now with the help of the marketing and branding geniuses at OTTO. I met them simply to help with a basic web design, but once we got into the philosophy behind the ideal two-in-one pout perfector and the Together at Last tagline, they asked if they could play around with it, and they came back with the new logo and a new website that 100% demonstrates the brand: two things meeting together as one. The two S's facing each other (kissing S’s!) meeting in the middle. The site sliding together and meeting in the middle. The logo and packaging as well as the website are clean, fresh, natural, minty, sexy, and sophisticated. It’s AMAZEMINT!!!!!

Plus, I’ve been putting together my KAMKAM team -- which is so strong (I shocked myself with it even -- it’s that good!). They’re market leaders in their fields, and we all have the same vision, and we are making Kissamint happen. It’s too good not to happen.

Now that we’ve gotten that all finalized, we are working on the flavors. And they have to be perfect. I can’t have my users not being the freshest person in the room!

This is not a one-hit wonder. This is the next global brand in oral hygiene and beauty! I will stop at nothing to get there and do it right. We are so close and I hope you all stick with me!

So, If you haven’t already, learn more about the future of fresh at! I read each and every email that comes through. Thanks so much reaching our and signing up and for all your kind sentiments and suggestions. 

In closing of this blog: I hope you all had a lovely weekend and stayed cool! Sending all of you love! 

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