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S1 - E3

Commercial Appeal

Our top ten meet up with Heidi at Banana Republic studios. There, a new challenge is issued: design a holiday dress that fits in with Banana Republic's current collection and would appeal to their customers. Their two themes this season are "my grandmother's attic" in soft pinks and yellows, and "Art Deco," in black, white and silver. All leave with armfuls of their favorite fabrics. Starr, who has twice stood on the brink of elimination, is elated; Banana Republic is a favorite store, and Art Deco is her favorite style. Wendy, twice raked over the coals by judge Nina Garcia, is committed to improving her performance. While the fortunes of the designers rest in the hands of the judges, the fate of the models lies with the designers. Martinique is once again the first selected. Olga, who last modeled Mario's blood-splattered losing effort, is relieved to be given a second chance by Kevin. Nora, looking to "change it up,

Aired: 12/15/2004