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S1 - E7

Design A Collection

Six challenges have come, six designers have gone and now just six finalists remain.   From here on out, it will take more than just strong work to avoid elimination. A slip of the lip (Vanessa) or a lapse in judgment (Nora) can send even strong designer packing. Heidi arrives to announce the next challenge: as one group, the designers must create a collection. One will serve as a leader, taking responsibility for the overall vision of the collection, while each will design and create an outfit of his or her own for the line. The winner of this challenge will have immunity next week and thus a guaranteed spot in the final four.   In past challenges, Morgan has brought the drama; now the drama has come home to roost. Her tardiness sent Kara onto the street in search of a last-minute replacement. Her attitude drove Jay to distraction. And her late-night antics nearly left Kevin's swimsuit in tatters. Despite her reputation, designers kept calling her name and raving about her walk. No more -- Wendy has kind words for Morgan, but with the final pick selects Melissa.   In the workroom, Tim unveils a few new wrinkles: their collection must carry the theme "the year 2055," and reflect the team's vision of the world a half century hence. And instead of the fabric store, the designers will have to build their collection out of used items from at a vintage store. By lottery, Kevin is given the responsibility of leading the team. Discussion ensues, and a group consensus emerges. Deconstruction will be employed as a technique to make their vintage elements seem more contemporary. A palette of tan, khaki, peach and brown will provide chromatic consistency. And each model will don a "pod," a common protective shell that will be stripped away to reveal the differences in each designer's work.   That's the plan, at least. But when Tim checks in, he seems concerned that the whole will prove less than the sum of the parts, reminding Kevin that responsibility rests primarily on his shoulders. The "pods" are meant to be the unifying element, but as the night wears on each designer gets caught up in perfecting their own look and no one attends to pod-making. Nearing midnight, Kevin jettisons the pods, claiming that the collection will hold together without them. But will the judges see things the same way?

Aired: 01/26/2005