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S2 - E1

Road to Runway

The second season of Project Runway starts off with a look at the casting process that lands 14 contestants a chance to become the next great American fashion designer.   A week before arriving in Manhattan, 16 semifinalists are given 6 yards of plain white fabric and $20 to create an outfit that best represents who they are as a fashion designer. On arrival in New York, the designers quickly size each other up before they're told to have their models ready for the first runway competition - in just two hours!   The stress and anxiety of the tight timeline eats at each of them but especially Season 1's Daniel Franco, who has returned for vindication. After the show, the judges ask the contestants to defend their designs.   In the end, two are sent packing, and the final 14 cast members are in place.

Aired: 12/07/2005