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S3 - E14

Finale, Part 2

It's the finale! The final four designers -- Uli, Jeffrey, Laura, and Michael -- are all set to show at Olympus Fashion Week at Bryant Park.   But there's a problem. Laura had previously brought concerns to the producers that Jeffrey may have had outside help on his garments. After looking into the allegations, however, Tim Gunn and the producers find no merit to the accusations. But Jeffrey's receipts are not completely in order, and he has gone over budget by a few hundred dollars. He is allowed to show his collection at Fashion Week, provided that he removes the couple of items that would have pushed his budget over the $8,000 limit.   The Final Four head into Olympus Fashion Week for a fabulous showdown on the runway. But only one of them can take home the prize. Who will be in, and who will be out? Who will win Project Runway season 3? Jeffrey Sebelia wins. Congratulations!

Aired: 10/18/2006