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S4 - E8

En Garde!

This week, the models took a trip to the salon before being matched up with the designers. Heidi charged the designers with creating avant-garde designs inspired by their models' hairstyles.   Back in the workroom, Tim informed the designers that they would be working in teams of two: Chris and Christian; Kit and Ricky; Victorya and Jillian; and Rami and Sweet P. The designers also had to decide whose model they would use. While Victorya and Jillian worried about time, Rami and Sweet P worried about each other's work methods. In the midst of all the hoopla, Tim broke the bad news to the designers: They would need to make a second garment -- a ready-to-wear design that expresses the essence of the avant-garde design. In the end, the judges, including guest judge Alberta Ferretti were impressed with "Team Fierce," comprised of Christian and Chris, and Victorya and Jillian.   While Sweet P's ready-to-wear garment got positive reviews, the judges were disappointed with Rami's avant-garde look. However, neither of Kit and Ricky's designs dazzled the judges, sending team leader Kit home.

Aired: 01/16/2008