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S4 - E9

Even Designers Get The Blues

This week, Tim Gunn took the remaining designers on a field trip where they were faced with clothesline upon clothesline of Levi's denim.   Their challenge? To create an iconic denim look that captures the spirit of the 501 legacy. Some designers, like Ricky, went immediately for the dark washes, and others, like Jillian, grabbed the lighter washes.   During judging, the judges, including Levi's SVP of Design Caroline Calvin, were impressed with Ricky, Rami, Sweet P, and Christian's iconic looks, sending Jillian and Victorya into the bottom two. While both female designers made coats, Jillian prevailed, sending Victorya home.   Ricky won the challenge, but, for the first challenge of the season, no immunity.

Aired: 01/23/2008