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S4 - E6

Eye Candy

This week brought the designers to the Hershey's flagship store in Time Square, New York. Tim told the designers that they would have five minutes to grab whatever they could as raw materials.   Back in the workroom, the designers had the freedom to create whatever look they wanted with the delectable treats. Only Jillian opted to create an edible ensemble, which turned out to be a harder task than anticipated. While she worried about time, Christian, once again, finished early and proceeded to, um, help others. Some designers, like Kevin, didn't find him so helpful, while Sweet P changed her look almost completely.   In the end, Jillian did finish and ended up with one of the best designs of the challenge. But the win went to Rami, who impressed guest judge Zac Posen, while Elisa's “macabre” dress sent her home.

Aired: 01/02/2008