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S4 - E13

Finale Pt. 1

The pressure was really on this week as Chris and Rami duked it out for the final spot in the final three. First, Tim traveled from coast to coast to visit the four remaining designers as they worked on their final collections. He not only saw where the designers lived and worked, he also met their friends.   Finally, all of the designers reconvened back in Manhattan. It was time for Chris and Rami to show their three strongest pieces to the judges. Chris got Christians' help for final touch-ups, while Jillian assisted Rami. Though both designers got their props and criticism from the judges, probably most note-worthy was Rami's increased use of construction and Chris's use of human hair to trim his pieces.   In the end, the judges made their decision and Chris was sent home.

Aired: 02/27/2008