AFC West Osso Bucco

AFC West Osso Bucco

Celebrate the animal instinct of Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler.

The final Sunday night showdown is a doozy, as the Broncos and the Chargers meet in San Diego. The winner advances to the playoffs, the loser can book tee times. The Chargers have a bone to pick, as kooky officiating essentially handed their first meeting of the season to the Broncos. This contest features two of the league's more exciting young quarterbacks not named Matt Ryan. Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler. Both are young, and mobile, so the leg of a younger animal seems like a great way to bring the excitement home. It's still the holidays, so a nice osso bucco is just the thing. (Do consider the less inhumane "pink" veal.) 


Despite the fancy name, this ain't nothing but a braise, so, like Sam and Dave say, dog gonnit, I want you to do what you wanna.


AFC West Osso Bucco


4 Veal shanks

1 qt veal or chicken stock (more as needed)

Aromatic root vegetables (onion, carrot, celery).

Arborio rice


Italian Parsley


Lemon zest. 


1) Refinance your house, and take out enough extra cash for veal shanks. 

2) Brown the shanks in a little bit of oil in a pot just slightly larger than they are. Remove.

3) Add aromatics (onions, carrots, celery, garlic, etc.) and brown lightly.

4) Tuck shanks into pan, and cover with stock. (Do not skimp on the stock - make your own, please, or at the very least, use one of the good boxed ones.)

5) Simmer, checking level of stock, for two hours, or until tender. 

6) Make your gremolata - combine lemon zest, minced raw garlic, and minced parsley to taste. 

7) While the shanks simmer, prepare your risotto: 

a. Soften ½ a medium onion in some olive oil over medium heat. 

b. Add 2 cups Arborio rice. Stir until grains are translucent. 

c. Add about ½ cup dry white wine

d. Add stock, a little at a time, adding more when asbsorbed, stirring consistently. 

e. After 20 minutes, check texture, which should be slightly al dente. 

f. Remove from heat, and add as much Parmesan as seems reasonable.

8) Serve, plating shanks on bed of risotto, and garnished with gremolata.

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