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Cramp! Cramp!

Jesse talks about the mud run and drunk girls making out!




I know I am going to get a little slack this episode because of all the trash I talked about Brian during the mud run, but it was all in good fun. That guy was talking such game before the race, that I thought he was going to be some superstar runner or something, but alas, he was TERRIBLE! Complaining about a cramp after the first mile, walking behind old ladies, I mean come on. That's pretty funny, and you know what, I earned the right to throw a couple jabs Peeler's way. HE HAD IT COMIN'! Seriously though, it was all in good fun and we had a blast.


The sensitive subject about Doug's death came up after the race in regards to reasons why Jackie dislikes Brian so much. It's hard to comment about this because it is such a sensitive subject. Without pointing any fingers or making any accusations, I will say my personal opinion about one passing, is that to truly honor their spirit, we should focus on the great things that person did, and stray away from dwelling in how we are affected personally because of the loss. Honor their life, that is keeping their memory alive in a happy and healthy way.

With that said ... DRUNK GIRLS!!! Blah blah blah. I feel like the cruise ended just like everyone thought it would, with drunk girls kissing each other and making up stories the next day about what happened. No one knows what really happened on that cruise. Well, let me take that back - no one will say what truly happened on that cruise. Let's see what happens from there

Till next week.

xxx, Jesse

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