No Room for Mistakes

No Room for Mistakes

Laury shares what she's learned as a result of this week's challenges.

This week’s photo shoot is all about sports, action, and movement. I’m really excited and I know I’ll do well because I love sports and I’m a very active person. Then I found out we would be shooting in groups of threes. I’m not excited about that, but it’s something I have to get used to because in this industry I will have to work with partners often. I was paired to work with Karen and Amanda and I’m happy with my partners because we all looked so hot in our outfits. We were sporty and strong yet sexy. I feel so good about my personal performance this week; I’m expecting to win the photo challenge and I’m ready to go on my first “go-see."

When I opened my book and saw the final photo I loved how I looked in it however I feel the overall picture was not the best of the group so I was disappointed. However I felt my individual performance was still strong enough to win the photo challenge but Nicole thought otherwise and that totally shocked me. And to make matters worse Amanda won the challenge and the “go-see." I was so hurt and upset that I couldn’t even sit and listen to everyone talk about their picture; I needed to be alone. After calming myself down and saying a prayer I felt good enough to leave my room and join the rest of the group only to get mad again. So instead of flipping out on everyone I calmed myself down by cooking an amazing meal. While cooking I evaluated what Nicole said and understood what she was saying so I’m going to take her constructive criticism and advice to heart.

I got a chance to call home today and it felt amazing because after a day like today I need to hear comforting words from a familiar voice. I spoke to my mother and eldest sister Nio and I had to fight back the tears because hearing their voices made me miss home so much. I stayed strong and did not shed a single tear because I must prepare myself for moments like this. In this profession I will be away from my family and loved ones all the time so I have to get used to it. I have to make sacrifices if I want to be successful!!

Continuing on with the sports theme the fashion show was about being strong and holding a sports inspired pose at the end of the runway — talk about testing our limits!! With everyone feeling the pressure of the catwalk and elimination some people started showing their sneaky side and stole other people’s ideas. Seeing a few individuals fight about poses I decided to take my competition to the next level by doing a very challenging gymnastic backbend. I will love to see someone try to copy that.

I was a bit disappointed when I did not win immunity because I know the judges, Tyson. and Nicole were impressed by my performance because it was clear on their faces. Nevertheless I’m extremely happy to still be in the competition. Unfortunately tonight I lost a dear friend and another roommate; Karen was eliminated and I know it shocked everyone in the house because she is so beautiful and has more potential then some other individuals in the competition. Tonight I realized that there’s no room for mistakes.

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