School's In and Fashion Week Was When?

School's In and Fashion Week Was When?

Get a glimpse at Fashion Week chaos from Kelly Killoren Bensimon

This year's Fashion Week is here and almost gone. I missed most of the shows by doing press being that I am the "new kid in school." I did get to interview "fur-man" himself, Mr. Dennis Basso. I learned all about how they actually seat a fashion show, and saw all the different seating configurations at the fashion week tents, which are sponsored by Mercedes Benz. After all of the on and off-camera interviews with The Today Show, Extra,, Mike and Juliet, and the Associated Press, all I time to do before I had to pick up my children at the airport was hail a taxi and go to a few parties. I was feeling a little casual, so I wore a white men's inspired shirt, black tights, and orange shoes. The weather needed color and my feet are always my favorite eye candy, because they are the only thing I can see while I am sitting down!

I said a quick hello to all my friends at the Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld Presents Work of 3 Photographers: P.C. Valmorbida, David Mushegain and Salim Langatta at Collective Hardware. Blonde bobbed Paris Hilton and her sister Nikki were busy getting photographed, and I looked at some photographs, gave huggles to my friends, and jumped into the car and headed straight for La Guardia airport. The minute that I literally galloped down the hall in my orange heels, the security man screamed, "she's the SIX in the city." Yes, it was out of a Sex and the City episode, except I had one thing on my mind: where are my little ladies? We went directly home after I smothered them with love, and they told me how embarrassing I was. We snuggled into bed with Paul Newman's microwave popcorn and chatted about the ski trip they had just taken.

Girls' night in was in full force. Then....

Ahhhhh! I had to wake up, get everyone ready for school, and then fly to the IMG tents for the Michael Kors fashion show. Neon fur hats, and hot colors decorated the runway and bevy of gorgeous models. I went backstage to give a big hug to Michael himself when I literally bumped into Ron Frasch, the President of Saks Fifth Avenue. He smothered me so much admiration for being the name and face of their new campaign, WEAR. I literally modeled, gave them quotes, and styled all at the same time while on the photo shoot. I am even on in a video about WEAR.

I got to see pretty Heidi Klum and Molly Sims, and I got to give Michael a kiss and wish him congratulations. I raced home to eat my favorite Phad Thai, exercise, and engage the little ladies in as much homework as possible before their High School Musical dance-off. I lured them to bed and raced to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, who I met while still in my robe. Ahhhhh. First impressions out the window, there is always tomorrow and I am so excited to see Calvin Klein and Zac Posen, both of whom I worship as brilliant designers and amazing friends. Mooorrreellattteeeerrrrr.

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